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The DLR - Drug and Alcohol Task Force, in conjunction with its hosting agency, Southside Partnership, maintains an email subscription list of individuals who live in or work in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. The purpose of this list is to circulate information on website updates, upcoming training events and other developments of interest, in the community.  The email subscription list is a vital tool to help us communicate with people throughout DLR county.

From Friday May 25th, 2018, this list is affected by new EU Law, known as GDPR, and to maintain the list it is a requirement that we include only those names and email addresses of persons who have freely given informed consent to be so included. This consent must be given in a manner that can be stored for easy, future retrieval, and/or removal, which we are committed to doing. We are also committed to updating the information on this list annually. The list will include only the following information: “Name”, “Email address”.

The purpose of this change in EU Law is to protect individual privacy. 

If you wish to contine to be included on our email subscription list please complete the email by clicking this box

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Please note that from Friday May 25th, mail circulations will be undertaken through a new designated email address: 

Names on the current list will be deleted save in cases where an appropriate, GDPR-compliant consent, has previously been granted. In such instances, mail circulations will be sent as per previously. However, this arrangement will apply for one year only and by May 2019 ALL mail circulations will use

More information on GDPR

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