Coordination & Training Programme (CTP)

The CTP is operated through hosting the Task Force and other supports at Southside Partnership, which is an independent, Local Development Company working with socially excluded individuals, groups and communities in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. In effect this programme coordinates the work of the Task Force and provides administrative, training and other supports to maintain its functioning. The programme has three elements: coordination, training and administrative support.



The Task Force coordinator is employed through this programme with a focus on coordinating the work of the task force, across all relevant actions and for developing new initiatives, including:

  • Maintaining close working relationships with funded agencies and other relevant bodies
  • Collecting and analysing relevant information on substance misuse
  • Identifying unmet needs, and developing ideas and proposals in response.
  • Promoting the participation of statutory and voluntary sectors
  • Supporting the participation of community representatives in the work of the Task Force.
  • Preparing and circulating reports on the work of the Task Force on an ongoing basis.
  • Managing and overseeing other personnel and resources assigned to the Task Force.
  • Contributing to the development of key strategic initiatives.



The central aim of training is to equip individuals from key target groups and communities with knowledge, understanding and insight into local issues such as substance misuse, and to help them to develop relevant skills and to make positive and healthy choices to lead and facilitate change. More specifically it undertakes to:

  • Provide advice and information about substance misuse, highlighting new developments and changing needs.,
  • Organising quality, affordable and relevant training opportunities for individuals, and for community service providers, who come into contact with those affected by substance use.
  • Strengthen management systems and governance in organisations that are involved in responding to substance misuse problems.
  • Provide opportunities for individuals and organisations dealing with substance misuse issues to network and share information, advice and learning.


Administrative support

The administrative support worker works across both coordination and training functions, and the work includes:

  • Ensuring minutes of Task Force meetings are taken, and maintaining records
  • Keeping all financial records pertaining to the work of the Task Force and other relevant activities.
  • Circulating information to agencies, community bodies and members.
  • Circulating reports on the work of the Task Force
  • Advertising and promoting training programmes and other activities and ensuring these have the necessary administrative supports.
  • Maintaining and updating the Task Force’s website


Contact details

Barry Cullen

DLR-DATF Coordinator

Southside Partnership,

Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

 (01) 7060100  / 087-6494922 


Marie Kavanagh

Admin support

Southside Partnership,

Main Street, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

 (01) 7060125

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