Ballyogan FRC

Ballyogan Family Resource Centre (FRC), which is one of a network of over 100 family projects core-funded through the Child and Family Agency, Túsla, and providing universal services and supports to local communities. The overall aim of participating centres is to combat disadvantage and to improve the functioning of the family unit. Each centre operates autonomously, with a Board of management and they work in close partnership with other relevant agencies. A community development approach is central to their work, emphasising that community participation, social inclusion and getting people invovolved in identifying their needs and in dealing with and overcoming community problems. Although these centres oeprate across unifying themes their operational programmes differ arising from location, context, needs and resource issues.

   The project assists young people from Ballyogan to complete their education and also provides alternative opportunities for families to reduce levels of substance misuse.  More specifically it aims to:

  • Reduce both the levels and risks of substance misuse among the target group of persons who have left school early or who are at risk of doing so.
  • Operates social and educational programmes that encourage young people to remain in school.
  • Provide one-to-one advice and group support to young people and their families to help maintain positive relationships with school and / or to overcome difficulties that have arisen.

The Project acts in accordance with Action 29 in the National Drug Strategy 2009-16.

Contact:         Ballyogan FRC, 41 Ballyogan Avenue, Carrickmines, Dublin 18   Tel: (01) 2953219  Fax: (01) 2999002 - Email:

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