Family Intervention & Support Programme (FI&S)

The FI&S will build on and expand an existing programme based at Barnardos, Dun laoghaire (lead project) with the support of Mounttown Neighbourhood Youth and Family Project. The programme will assess and address the needs of family members – particularly children and young people - whose lives are negatively affected by another member’s substance misuse; typically the central issue of concern is the impact of parental substance misuse and the programme will works to ensure that issues and needs as they impact on children and other family members are not hidden, and are kept in focus.

The programme’s primary purpose is to support parent / child relationships and to improve outcomes for children across different aspects of their lives, including their relationships, attachments, their living situation and their involvement in school and other socio-educational events and activities.  Interventions will focus on improving children’s social engagement and emotional development, encouraging them to explore feelings and experiences and to develop skills for improved self-regulation and for reducing inappropriate acting-out behaviour. The programme also seeks to prevent or reduce the likelihood that children become involved in substance misuse themselves, thus serving to break the cycle of addiction.

 Referrals into the service will typically come from addiction projects, community agencies and statutory services such as schools, HSE and TUSLA. Intake involves an assessment and developing a family support plan, which is then monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. The assessment, which is continuous through the intervention, takes account of the following key domains:

  • Living situation
  • Relationships/attachments
  • Social behaviour/participation
  • Health (physical and psychological)
  • Learning: education/employment
  • Identity, self-care and self-esteem

The support plan will include arrangements for review, updating and amending key aims as appropriate, as well as a planned step-down and integration with other local projects and services. Among the specific interventions within the care plan, the following will be utilised, according to their relevance and appropriateness:

  • Individual therapies: play therapy, psychotherapy
  • Individual supports: focus on managing emotions, problem solving, improved self-image and self-esteem, and attendance at school/training.
  • Small group therapies: early years groups, Tús maith groups, resilience groups
  • Parent-child supports: Marta meo; Partnership with parents - home-based support; infant matters, strengthening families

Contact details:

Mary Daly,


14, Tivoli Terrace South

Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin


Úna Kenny

C/o  Holy Family School

Dunedin Park

Monkstown Farm

Dun Laoghaire

Co. Dublin




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