Alcohol sponsorship and risky drinking

A recently released review of relevant studies highlights an association between alcohol sponsorship of sport and risky drinking amongst schoolchildren and adult athletes. The review includes seven studies and combines evidence from the UK and other countries on the impact of exposure to alcohol sports sponsorship on drinking behaviours. The findings in the UK studies included that:

  • Amongst schoolchildren age 14-15, awareness of alcohol sports sponsorship was linked to a 17% higher chance of boys, and 13% higher chance of girls, getting drunk at the weekend.
  • Amongst university sportspeople, those receiving alcohol industry sponsorship were four times more likely to report hazardous drinking than non-sponsored sportspeople.


The report’s author, Katherine Brown, Director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies. states:

 “It is of great concern to see that sport, which should be viewed as a healthy, family friendly activity, is potentially putting our children and athletes at risk due to sponsorship deals with alcohol companies.”

 “Major alcohol brands are prominent in almost every high profile sporting event today, exposing millions of children to advertising and building positive associations that could be damaging in the long term.”

Copy of study at this link

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