DLR Alcohol Support Project

With Dormant Accounts funding the DLR-DATF in conjunction with Southside Partnership is operating two specific alcohol initiatives over the coming months. The first of these, ‘You Are What You Drink!” and consists a 2-hour workshop for community groups, parents groups, sports bodies and various other groups in the county area who wish to explore the various effects of different types of drinks, including alcohol, but also including sugar drinks, energy drinks, caffeine, etc.  See poster for the workshop : You are what you drink

The second initiative focuses on social media and alcohol. In the first stages  this initiative comprises a working group to examine how best to develop appropriate media messages in relation to alcohol on our website and through using Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

If you are interested in participating in either of these initiatives please contact Elaine O’Mahony 01-7060100 / 083-8444061

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