Dormant accounts - substance misuse prevention

The Dormant Accounts Action Plan was announced this week and it includes a measure on substance misuse prevention initiatives, with a total of €1m funding available specifically for this measure. It indicates that once-off grants between €30,000 and €50,000 will be made available through each of 24 Drug and Alcohol Task Forces. The measure will be administered through Pobal, who have indicated that applications are open from 1st July with a closing date of 22nd July. A formal announcement in relation to this measure has been anticipated for some time and the DLR DATF has given consideration to preparing a single proposal involving a range of alcohol-focused initiatives, within the county, in conjunction with the Task Force’s Alcohol Steering Group, which was recently established. The main aim of the Steering Group is to promote an understanding, within the DLR area, of the public health dimension to alcohol in society, with particular attention to generating organisational and public awareness of alcohol’s potential negative consequences in relation to:

  1. health and social well-being
  2. health and social care costs
  3. violence, crime and social disorder
  4. education and employment absenteeism
  5. family and relationship breakdown

If you believe your organisation can contribute to this aim and if you believe you could formulate a proposal for a small once-off project or initiative that would fit into an overall application by the Task Force, please submit your ideas to the Task Force prior to July 1st. At this stage a short outline of your ideas should be sent to You should note of course that this is a small once-off initiative and with a fund of only €30,000 - €50,000 available to each Task Force, it is likely the Task Force would want to support a small number of key, strategic initiatives that are evidence-based and can be replicated through other funding and developments in the long term. Full details on all measures, the online application process, and how to register for the pre-application meetings are available on Pobal's website.

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