Resignations from EU Alcohol & Health Forum


European public health organisations, including Alcohol Action Irelandand Eurocare, have collectively resigned from the EU Alcohol and Health Forum, following the Commission’s decision not to instigate a new EU Alcohol Strategy; the previous Strategy expired in 2012. In their letter of resignation the public health organisations drew attention to a decision of the European Parliament to demand a comprehensive Alcohol Strategy; similar requests have also been made by 17 European Health Ministers. However, the Commission’s future plan is to incorporate alcohol policy into a broader framework dealing with non-communicable diseases, but the public health oprganisations highlight that this restricts its focus only to persons who present with alcohol disorders and ignores the wider burden of alcohol particularly in terms of its effects on crime, violence, domestic abuse, child abuse and neglect, and road traffic accidents, all of which it believes will be ignored by this new approach. The public health organisations have pledged to focus their efforts on working together to pursue public health goals that are free from conflicts of interests.

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