Taking a new Line on Drugs

A new report ‘Taking a New Line on Drugs’ urges the UK government to take alcohol as seriously as it does illegal substances. It recommends the need to recalibrate society’s understanding of psychoactive drugs to reflect the reality that alcohol is more harmful to society than Class A drugs. It suggests aligning alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs strategies under a single ring-fenced budget. A central argument in supporting its proposal is that as the most widely available of all drugs alcohol causes greater public health harms than many illegal counterparts, at both individual and population levels. The report argues that the associated harms are also getting worse with the proportion of people dying from a range of alcohol-related causes significantly greater than 20 years ago. It highlights that more than half of all violent crime in 2015 was alcohol-related. The report is available at the following link: Royal Society for Public Health Report on Alcohol.

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