Youth At-Risk Network: Follow-up

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The Task Force and Southside Partnership are together organizing a follow-up, between now and March 2018, to the Youth At Risk Café Conversation that we jointly hosted in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Hall recently (May 18th). We expect that our follow-up will help a Youth At-Risk Network to develop and grow organically, so that hopefully by March/April next year, it will have an internal leadership structure and a programme for its further development. We see our role as facilitating the process of helping the network to form and are undertaking to do the following by way of assisting this process.


We envisage organising four separate, thematic workshops (September, November, January and March), between September ’17 – March ’18, and we also envisage the following themes:

  • Working in an integrated, coordinated manner, with children and young people who are living at home in adverse, addiction-related circumstances and conditions (September 14th).
  • Ethical issues for practitioners in helping young people navigate the questions, pressures and harms associated with cannabis use (November 16th).
  • Connecting at-risk young people who are not living at home to more coordinated services and supports (TBA).
  • Understanding both the benefits and the harms for young people arising from the use of social media (TBA).

We expect that some of these titles might be modified as we proceed. It is envisaged that each workshop will follow a similar structure, albeit with some variation to improve the overall experience. Basically we expect to have two inputs into each workshop, to be made by a specialist in the relevant field, in conversation style: thus rather than do a formal presentation with Powerpoint or overheads, each presenter will be interviewed conversational style, by an experienced interviewer, who will be familiar with the material. 

Each input will be followed by facilitated, small-group conversations to build and share the knowledge on each particular topic. A final small group and plenary session will focus on what’s being learned to grow the network. Each workshop will be followed up with a brief summary report, which will be circulated to participants and other interested parties.

 2. Planning meetings

We intend convening planning meetings to develop ideas and suggestions in relation to the above workshops. It is envisaged that each workshop will  have at least one such meeting, but we can convene additional meetings if this is needed. The planning meetings will be focused on workshop content and how this might be best presented, structured and facilitated; we’ll look after the practical details ourselves, i.e. venues, flyers, refreshments, etc. Ultimately we would hope that the planning group will become the core group for establishing and maintaining the network, and that the planning period will help people adopt this role. The first planning meeting is set for Thursday, July 13th 11.00am-1.00pm in the Boardroom, Southside Partnership. Please let us know if you would wish to be involved in the planning process. Email:; 087-6494922 (Barry)

3. Resource material

We are currently in the process of setting up a resource material section on our website with the theme “Youth At-Risk”. To get an idea of how this work you could visit our current resource page on Domestic Violence and Substance Misuse

This resource page should give you an idea of the type of content that a “Youth At-Risk” page might host. Indeed, if you have any suggestions in relation to such content we would welcome if you could send us a link and we’ll put that up.

4. Directory

A directory of relevant services and projects for young people in DLR was completed within the last 6 months “I’ve had enough, I’m outta here”. If you currently do not have a copy of this directory we will be happy to send you on multiple copies for sharing with your colleagues. Please contact Marie at  01-7060125 and she will send you on copies. Meanwhile, we are investigating if we can upload this information onto a database that could be accessed and searched through our website.

 5. Social media

Finally, you are reminded that both the Drug and Alcohol Task Force and Southside Partnership have Facebook pages and we do our best to keep these updated. If you have a Facebook page we invite you to like us for up-to-date information (click below)


In due course, we are hoping to create a separate Facebook page for the Youth At-Risk Network, but it is a bit early for that just now.



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